Pawise Cat Post Kity Play Place II

Measures 80 x 40 x 95 cm

Three level playground-style cat post

Top viewing platform offers resting place with 360º view

Floating plush basket for snuggling on the middle level

Velvety stairs and suspended rope for climbing and batting

Vertical scratching poles made of coconut fiber

Robust and adorned with soft plush

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The Kitty Play Place II is the adventure playground for your cat at home.

First of all, this cat post has a top viewing platform for your cat to rest and lounge around.

In order to get to the top, your feline can climb the velvet stairs step by step all the way up.

This helps to promote light exercise, especially for the indoor cat.

If your cat gets tired or lazy halfway through, he can snuggle up and take a nap in the floating plush basket on the middle level.

In addition, the Kitty Play Place II also has several vertical coconut fiber scratching poles that your cat will love to sink his claws into.

This cat post also has a suspended rope dangling from the top for your cat to sway and bat while he is on the stairs.

Fun tip #1: For some exercise and interactive play, you can place some treats on the top platform and have your cat climb to the top for the treats.

Fun tip #2: You can use a feather toy or cat teaser and wave it through the round hole and lure your cat's curiosity to stalk and "hunt for the prey".

The Pawise Kitty Place II Cat Post is adorned with soft, velvety plush that is comfy to the cat's touch.

It also comes in a gorgeously neutral cream colour that will fit any home decor and is also very robust.

Product Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 95 cm

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