DF Reward Points

How does the DF Reward point works?

Every $100 purchase will be awarded with 1 loyalty point. 1 point is equivalent to $1. You may use the loyalty points to credit against any purchase (eg. You may use 2 points to credit against a $22 purchase so the payable amount be $20) 

Does my purchases accumulate points next time if there is unrewarded portion?

Yes! No dollar value is lost!

Order No 1: $95 - 0 points earned (since $100 is not accumulated yet)
Order No 2: $80 - 1 point earned ($95 + $80 = $175, since $100 is accumulated, 1 point is earned, the remaining $75 will go towards the next order to accumulate the next $100) 

How do I redeem my points?

When you login & check out, you can see the number of points you have at the top of the page. 

Redeem DR Reward Points

What is the expiry for DF Reward points? 

185 days upon award date of the points

How do I check my expiry date for the loyalty points?

Simply log in to your account to check. Go to "My Rewards" to check expiry dates

DF Reward Points

DF Reward Points at Account

When will I get the DF Reward points in my account?

Loyalty points will be reflected in your account when the purchase is completed and payment received. It will usually be within 24 hours after payment is received. However, should there be a situation of refund, the loyalty points will be returned to Dogfood.com.sg.

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